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Obesity A Growing Factor Essay - 1307 Words

Obesity is a growing factor in the United States. Data confirms that there is an increase in fast food dining facilities across the United States as well as a decrease in nutritional information. Without an immediate change in this trend, obesity among young adults, specifically college students, will continue to transcend. Colleges and universities should start providing healthier food options for students to choose from, propose exceptional living and lifestyle coaching for students, and require general promotion of healthy living across the campus. Accordingly, the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) should offer healthier food choices for students, require healthy lifestyle information classes, and promote the University Fitness Center more often. Healthier students are superior learners and data claims that this can lead to a more successful life for those students (Basch 593-598). The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be difficult. With this upheaval, young adu lts begin composing independent decisions, such as, determining what food they desire to eat. According to the College and University Consumer Trend Report, there are nearly 16 million college students and the variety of healthy food only satisfies 28% of them. Furthermore, 44% of college students surveyed in this report claimed that their school’s dining program influenced their choice of school. In actuality, students do care about the food offered at each school they hope to attend (CollegeShow MoreRelatedShould We Assign Personal Responsibility For Obesity Epidemic?1649 Words   |  7 PagesShould we assign personal responsibility for obesity epidemic? Obesity is a growing threat to public health in the World and in the United States. Since 1960, the prevalence of obesity increased twice in the United States. According to a latest report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  on November 11, 2015 obesity rates among U.S. adults increased from 30 % in 2003 to 36.5 % in 2011-2014. The estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related illness is approximately $190 billionRead More Critiquing Internet Sources The author is keen in analyzing the issue of excessive consumption of800 Words   |  4 Pagesprovide a biased perception on the issue (Dodd et al, 2010). It is important to acknowledge that the multimedia tool is keen on focusing on obesity, which has become one of the growing health concern among both children and adults. The tool shows the main reason why obesity has become a growing concern. It is clear since it articulates the problem of obesity with poor diet and the lack of exercise. An increasing number of individuals in the United States and the world are not practicing a balancedRead MoreChildhood Obesity Affects The Children s Emotional Health1717 Words   |  7 PagesChildhood obesity has been a crucial global concern for the past years, especially in the United States. Obesity within children has become a concern because it can develop multiple health risks. Although some of the health risks can be treated, there are many that could follow them for a lifetime. Some of the health risks could be minor, but many of the health issues are deadly. Childhood obesity has been related to affecting the majority of the child’ s main body systems. For example, childhoodRead MoreObesity : Obesity And Obesity892 Words   |  4 Pagesadults are considered obese in America. In recent years obesity is the health topic of choice these days because obesity in America is a growing epidemic. One out of twenty people in America have extreme obesity. According to a 2009-2010 survey conducted by the National Health and Nutrition examination this data states that about one third of children and adolescents ages six to nine are considered to be overweight or obese. Adolescent obesity has more than tripled in young adults and doubled in childrenRead MoreChildhood Obesity : A Developing Problem1197 Words   |  5 PagesObesity in America is a developing problem, and not just in adults. Today, one in three American children and teens are either overweight or obese; almost triple the rate previously in 1963. Child obesity has expeditiously become one of the most genuine health challenges of the 21st century (â€Å"10 Su rprising Facts About Childhood Obesity†). Physical inactivity, race, junk food in schools, the mass media, and the child’s parents flaws are all factors that have resulted in the prevalence of childhoodRead MoreChildhood Obesity Analysis1473 Words   |  6 PagesParents Child Caretakers Obesity in America is literally a growing problem, affecting every age group. Children are the most venerable group because they have no control over where they have dinner or how often they have fast food. Parents and guardians make decisions about food and are responsible for the health of children. Childhood obesity has more than doubled in the last twenty years. This is concerning because Type Two diabetes is a horrible, crippling disease that is affecting childrenRead MoreArgumentative Research Paper On Childhood Obesity1555 Words   |  7 Pages Argumentative Research Paper: Childhood Obesity Issac Jones ECPI University ENG 120 Advanced Composition M. Barnes June 11, 2017 Health has become a very popular topic in today’s society; how to lose weight, healthy body mass index, proper foods to eat to give your body nutrition, certain exercises to help lose weight here or gain muscle there, lower prices for a gym memberships, it seems to be a topic we are hearing about all the time now. However,Read MoreVideo Mediums and Childhood Obesity971 Words   |  4 PagesVideo Mediums and Childhood Obesity Childhood Obesity has now reached a critical level. The main reason for the growing number of obese children is inactivity. With obesity in children being related to many health issues, it is important that we not only stop the rise in childhood obesity, but reverse it. With their health at risk, it is imperative that we assure our children are in good physical shape and at healthy weight levels. The stakes are quite high, according to the U.S. DepartmentRead MoreChildhood Obesity : An American Epidemic1263 Words   |  6 PagesChildhood Obesity: An American Epidemic America is facing a serious challenge! Children’s health is becoming a critical concern. Childhood obesity has become an â€Å"epidemic disease† that has rapidly grown over the years in the United States. According to the National Center for Health Statistics in 2011 states that, â€Å"childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years. In 2012, more than one- third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese†Read MoreObesity : A Major Health Challenge1319 Words   |  6 Pages Introduction Obesity is a major health challenge in the United States. The World Obesity Federation reports obesity has become a major growing health problem since infectious diseases and nutrient deficiencies began to fade in the first half of the 20th century (WOF, 2015, para 1). Obesity is one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention report more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese and childhood obesity is at 17 percent

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Overview And Description Of Clinical Documentation...

Overview and description of Clinical documentation Improvement The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) has emerged as the most vital drive for overcoming the issues associated with maintaining a complete and good sound medical record. The CDI involves the process of improving the medical/health records documentation in order to promote effective patient outcome, data quality measures and accurate reimbursement for services and care rendered. The main focus of clinical documentation improvement is to enhance the clinical clarity of the health records which usually is practiced by the health information management (HIM) professionals, registered nurses, and a large group of other clinically oriented personnel (AHIMA, 2015). For a medical record to be meaningful and mirror the scope of treatment and services provided, it must be accurate and meet the established guidelines set forth by the governing bodies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicare. The CDI specialists are one of the many professionals whose roles are to review clinical documentations and provide feedbacks to healthcare providers such as the Physicians. The feedbacks are intended to fill the gaps in the documentation that addresses issues with quality measures, coding and the general care of the patients. The need for achieving a successful clinical documentation is driving many healthcare organizations to adopt a CDI initiative toward the goal of improving patients’ quality of care andShow MoreRelatedNurse Managers At All Levels Work Essay2142 Words   |  9 Pagesfrontline nurses while contributing to an organization’s success.† (Frankel, 2011) The nursing leaders are advocates who directly affect the quality of the nursing care along with also having a positive impact on healthcare through leadership. Description of the health care system Yale-new Haven Health System is one of the Connecticut leading healthcare systems; the Health System consists of Bridgeport, Greenwich Hospital, in addition, Yale-New Haven Hospitals along with Northeast Medical GroupRead MoreEssay on Cpoe for Emory Healthcare2939 Words   |  12 Pages |Description |Name/Title | |Executive Sponsor |Provide executive support for the project |A, White | |Technical Lead |Provides all technology support for the project |E, Chen, Technical Lead | |Process Improvement |Advises team on process improvement techniques |Leland Choi, ProcessRead MoreEvaluation Of The Umuc Family Clinic Intake Process1599 Words   |  7 PagesFamily Clinic intake process, a detailed description of the current and the future processes were modeled. In Stage 1, it was fairly easy to uncover the extremely inefficient methods currently in place at the UMUC Family Clinic. The key inefficiencies that were identified included long wait times for the patient, a lack of an integrated phone response system (IVR), and an unorganized record process. Dr. Martin was precise in his request for improvements to the current state business processes;Read MoreCommunity Health Nursing Intervention And Evaluation Essay1957 Words   |  8 Pagesgeneralist community health nurse (CHN) provides population-level assistance to health care agencies through a variety of means. This assignment is meant to provide an overview of potential generalist CHN comm unity interventions. Types of clinical projects can include data analysis/tracking for trending purposes; on-going clinical project evaluation; educational intervention for clients, staff, and students; surveying needs of clients or staff for future programs; developing policies or procedures;Read MoreImportance Of Assessment And Care Planning Policy2278 Words   |  10 PagesIn this context, it is crucial to overview aged care policies in Australia to build an effective care delivery system (CEPAR, 2014). Among many aged care policies, this essay will discuss assessment and care planning policy that impacts on care delivery. The discussion will include a description of this policy, reason for implementation of this policy, contribution of this policy towards delivery of care, ways on how this policy could be improved and how improvement in the policy can be promoted. Read MoreIdentifying The Causes Employee Dissatisfaction And Turnover3835 Words   |  16 Pagesname 5th April, 2017 â€Æ' Table of Contents Introduction 3 Company Overview 3 Organization’s Mission statement 3 Products and Services 3 Organization’s Management Body 4 Organization Size 4 Organizational Problem 4 Role of Organizational Consultant 5 Problem Statement 5 Identification and Description of the Problem 5 Statement of Problem 6 Literature Review 6 Analysis 9 Solutions 11 Reflection 13 Reference 15 â€Æ' Introduction Company Overview Computer Programs and Systems, Inc. (CPSI) founded in 1979 isRead MoreCompetency of Level 4 Nursing Students on Immediate Newborn Care6675 Words   |  27 Pagesof their airways upon delivery, providing warmth and attachment to mother, cord care, APGAR scoring, temperature taking, anthropometric measurements, eye prophylaxis, Vitamin K administration, immunization, bathing, initial feeding and proper documentation. It is important that nurses should do the procedure accurately and with confidence. Since skills and knowledge are learned through experience, constant practice and good instructions, the practice of this procedure should be started as earlyRead MoreThe Origin And Effects Of Medication Errors6258 Words   |  26 PagesIntroduction/Statement of Problem Medication errors have contributed to healthcare issues and created problematic discrepancies affecting costs, safety issues, qualitative concerns, and economic effects. This review will provide the background, rationale, and the overview of multiple issues causing medication errors. Issues contributing to negative effects of the health system will be identified including how specific issues affect patients, and adverse drug effects. Effects on health costs will be reviewed as theyRead MoreAn Overview Of The Lead Provider Framework2381 Words   |  10 Pages1. Introduction This report aims to provide an overview of the Lead Provider Framework, with regards to its purpose and how it will fit into the CCG landscape. To do this, we will begin by exploring the role of CCG groups; understanding the political market and how services are commissioned through the procurement process. Moving onto how the Lead Provider Framework will enhance this process. Lastly, we will then move on to look at Capita’s distinct offering and delve into how this can add valueRead MoreApplication Of Ich Q9 As A Systemic Process For The Assessment, Control, And Risk Management2584 Words   |  11 Pagesdifferent process and ultimately links to the protection of patient. It also ensures the effort level, formality and documentation of the QRM process is appropriate with the level of risk. Product quality should be maintained throughout the product lifecycle such that the attributes as it is important to the quality of the drug product which remain consistent with those used in the clinical studies. It can further ensure the quality of drug product to the patient by providing a proactive means to identify

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Adding Commas to a Paragraph

This exercise offers practice in applying the rules for using commas effectively. Before attempting the exercise, you may find it helpful to review this article on comma usage. In the following paragraph, insert commas wherever you think they belong. (Try reading the paragraph aloud: at least in some cases, you should be able to hear where commas are needed.) When you are done, compare your work with the correctly punctuated version of the paragraph on page two. The Least Successful Car In 1957 Ford produced the car of the decade--the Edsel. Half of the models sold proved to be spectacularly defective. If lucky the proud owner of an Edsel could enjoy any or all of the following features: doors that wouldnt close hoods and trunks that wouldnt open batteries that went dead horns that stuck hubcaps that dropped off paint that peeled transmissions that seized up brakes that failed and push buttons that couldnt be pushed even with three people trying. In a stroke of marketing genius the Edsel one of the largest and most lavish cars ever built coincided with the rising public interest in economy cars. As Time magazine reported It was a classic case of the wrong car for the wrong market at the wrong time. Never popular to begin with the Edsel quickly became a national joke. One business writer at the time likened the cars sales graph to an extremely dangerous ski slope. He added that so far as he knew there was only one case of an Edsel ever being stolen. When you are done, compare your work with the correctly punctuated version of the paragraph below The Least Successful Car (Paragraph With Commas Restored) In 1957[,]  Ford produced the car of the decade--the Edsel. Half of the models sold proved to be spectacularly defective. If lucky[,]  the proud owner of an Edsel could enjoy any or all of the following features: doors that wouldnt close[,]  hoods and trunks that wouldnt open[,]  batteries that went dead[,]  horns that stuck[,]  hubcaps that dropped off[,]  paint that peeled[,]  transmissions that seized up[,]  brakes that failed[,]  and push buttons that couldnt be pushed even with three people trying. In a stroke of marketing genius[,]  the Edsel[,]  one of the largest and most lavish cars ever built[,]  coincided with the rising public interest in economy cars. As  Time  magazine reported[,]  It was a classic case of the wrong car for the wrong market at the wrong time. Never popular to begin with[,]  the Edsel quickly became a national joke. One business writer at the time likened the cars sales graph to an extremely dangerous ski slope. He added that so far as he knew there was only one case of an Edsel ever being stolen.

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The Marriage Act ( 1949 ) - 859 Words

According to the Marriage Act (1949), it provides for the restrictions on marriage, stating thus: â€Å"A marriage solemnized between persons either of whom is under the age of sixteen shall be void † Section 6 of the Marriage Act (1970) also requires that the marriage of any person under the age of eighteen must be with full consent . Section 11 of the Matrimonial Causes Act states thus: Nullity (11) Grounds on which a marriage is void. A marriage celebrated after 31st July 1971 shall be void on the following grounds only, that is to say: (a) that it is not a valid marriage under the provisions of [F11the [F12Marriage Acts 1949 to 1986]] (that is to say where: †¦ (ii) either party is under the age of sixteen †¦ It can be said that the lack of capacities and defective formalities which are known to the parties, makes the marriage incurably void and not appealable (as in the case of a voidable marriage which can be appealed) . The Children’s Act (2004) provides thus: The Children’s Commissioner is to be concerned in particular under this section with the views and interests of children so far as relating to the following aspects of their well-being-(a)physical and mental health and emotional well-being; (b)protection from harm and neglect; (c)education, training and recreation; (d)the contribution made by them to society; (e)social and economic well-being . The Children and young Persons Act (2008) also makes similar provisions for the wellbeing of a child to be the duty ofShow MoreRelatedEssay on Criminally Colored1234 Words   |  5 PagesHowever, this stance does not take into account the reality faced by Colored individuals. In 1949, a law was passed prohibiting mixed marriages, meaning that individuals of different racial designations could not be romantically or physically intimate. With this law in mind, being colored is a detriment because as such people were walk proof of a crime long ago committed. Looking deeper at the mixed marriage act as well as the relationships and attitudes between racial classes, in Zoe Wicomb’s shortRead MoreThe Goals Of Love And Romantic Relationships989 Words   |  4 Pagesclarifies, An act should not be written off as selfish or self-motivated simply because it includes some inevitable element of self-interest [or reward]. The act can still be counted as altruistic if the ‘selfish’ element is accidental; or, if not accidental, then secondary; or, if neither accidental nor secondary, then undetermining†¦ [This is the] very heart of ancient virtue, which can be defined as the perfection of our nature through the triumph of reason over passion. The truly altruistic act is theRead MoreWomen’s Treatment in Death of a Salesman1463 Words   |  6 Pages Happy demonstrated this several times through the play. For example, he called the first woman he had sex with a ‘pig’ (Miller, 1949, Pg 21). This behavior is very abusive and takes advantage of women to gain sexual pleasure. While Happy was talking to his brother Biff, he mentions that he’s sleeping with a soon to be married woman named Charlotte (Miller, 1949, Pg 25). Miller uses a very crude way of symbolizing adultery to show how people viewed women of this time period. Once again thisRead MoreSociety s Influence On The Practice Of Neolocal Residence And How It Differs Dependent On Place Of Origin1376 Words   |  6 Pagesto day life Sociology is constantly influencing us in many ways whether it is guiding us how to think, act, or even dress. Although our culture has these impacts on us, no two cultures are the same. Each one has its own specific set of morals and values and directly that influence the people. As we think about events in our lives, there a re many major milestones that shape who we are. Marriage is one of the largest events we will experience in our lives. As this is a large event, society greatlyRead MoreMarital Breakdown and Divorce Essay1094 Words   |  5 Pages Marital Breakdown and Divorce Over the last 40 years, sociological research has provided statistics suggesting a significant increase in the number of marriages ending in divorce. In this essay I aim to justify this increase and explain why statistics may give a misleading picture. The way I have decided to structure this essay is firstly to look at a brief history of the laws governing divorce over the last century, then to discuss the statistics and finally to concludeRead MoreHistory of Apartheid in South Africa730 Words   |  3 Pagespeople of African descent as inferior despite them being the majority. During the 19th century, British settlers tried to restrict the movement of black people in and around areas occupied by whites and controlled by the British. The South Africa Act of 1910 gave whites complete political control over all races. During World War II, Jan Smut led the United Party and began to loosen up on the segregation laws but the Sauer Commission was established in 1947 to focus on the relocation of blacks intoRead MoreDiscuss Changing Family Structures in the Uk and Give Examples of Sociological Theories That Provide Explanations as to Why and How Families Have Changed.1123 Words   |  5 Pagesthis society as families were a ‘unit of production’ so they needed as many workers as they could get. Michael Anderson (1971) argued that in ‘critical life situations’ there was a dependence on the extended family for help and support. Then Parsons (1949) said large families were economically beneficial, so the extended family was the most suited structure. However, during in the industrial revolution family life changed. It was no longer seen as a ‘unit of production’ but now a ‘unit of consumption’Read MoreThe Effect of Law Changes on the Growth of Divorce Rate Essay731 Words   |  3 PagesThe Effect of Law Changes on the Growth of Divorce Rate Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. There is no doubt that divorce is much more common, becoming a norm almost. If present trends continue, it is estimated that 1 in 3 marriages will end in divorce, but is it the alteration in the legal grounds that is causing this trend? In this essay I will look at the other aspects that could be the foundation for the growth of divorce and state which I think is Read MoreHistorical Background Of The Era Essay1481 Words   |  6 PagesOne of the first acts passed was the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, in 1949, which outlawed marriage between Europeans and non- Europeans. The following year new legislation banned sexual intercourse between Europeans and non- Europeans. Additionally, in 1950, the Malan government passed the population Registration Act, which categorized every South African by race, and subsequently required people to carry with them at all times a card stating their racial identity. This Act was later modifiedRead More John Wayne as an American Icon Essay1322 Words   |  6 Pagescareer as an actor, John Wayne won a variety of different awards, achievements and accomplishments. In 1950, at the Photoplay Awards, John Wayne won his first award when he received the award for the Most Popular Male Star because of his work in the 1949 film, Sands of Iwo Jima. Also in 1950, â€Å"The Duke† was nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for Sands of Iwo Jima. In 1953, Wayne was named the World Film Favorite male actor at the Golden Globe Awards. Seven years later, John Wayne made a

Swot Nokia Mobile Exist Free Essays

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats: Which is the most important? Why? How might your response change if you were the CEO of a corporation? What if you were a customer of the firm? An employee? A supplier? Answer: The SWOT strategy is one of the most useful tools in analysing data and information from the company. By using this SWOT tool, company will know itself clearly that which part is powerful, what to improve, what more can do and what to challenge.In my opinion, Threats is the most important overall because if there is no threats any more, companies will not be worried about the quantity of sales. We will write a custom essay sample on Swot: Nokia Mobile Exist or any similar topic only for you Order Now For example, NOKIA (mobile phone), if there is just NOKIA mobile exist in the mobile world without other types mobile companies like SONY ERICSSON or SUMSONG, then people definitely have to buy NOKIA due to it is the only mobile company.As if I were the CEO of a corporation, I would see Opportunities as the most important strategy when I used SWOT, because I need to look for and make the opportunities for my company to help the company gain more benefits. For example, company can increase its scale to become a big-scale company by corporate acquisition, and to do so, I, CEO of the company, need to seek for the opportunities for it, thus I think Opportunities is the most important. I will choose Strengths as the most important strategy if I were the customer of the firm. As customer, I would like to compare the products or services among several companies and then purchase for the greatest one. For example, buying skin care products, I will buy the product that I used as the most comfortable, soft and effective for my skin even if others are cheaper; however, if I were the employee for the firm, I would say weakness is the most important for me.This is because I need to know what the weakness while I’m working, and then I will try my best to fix and improve it. This can be done by customer feedback and after-sale services. For being a supplier to the firm, I would look at the Threats first. This is because I have to make sure that firm will make orders from me and one of the important problem is the plenty of competitors. This make the Threats as the most important thing that I would face. How to cite Swot: Nokia Mobile Exist, Papers

Night Women free essay sample

Perhaps it is a mosquito that has learned the gift of lighting itself. † (pg. 196) â€Å"We have never talked about love. What would he need to know? Love is one of those lessons that you grow to learn, the way one learns that one shoe is made to fit a certain foot, lest it cause discomfort. † (pg. 196) â€Å"There is a place in Ville Rose where ghost women ride the crests of waves while brushing the stars out of their hair. There they woo strollers and leave the stars on the path for them. There are nights that I believe that those ghost women are with me. † (pg. 197) â€Å"Sometimes I see in the folds of his eyes a longing for something that’s bigger than myself. We are like faraway lovers, lying to one another, under different moons† (pg. 197) â€Å"I tell him of the deadly snakes lying at one end of a rainbow and the hat full of gold lying at the other end. We will write a custom essay sample on Night Women or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † (pg. 197) â€Å"I want him to forget that we live in a place where nothing lasts. † (pg. 197) â€Å"No more, no more, or your teeth will turn black. (pg. 197) â€Å" Tonight he brings me bougainvillea. Its always a surprise†. (pg. 198) â€Å"I see his wife’s face in the beads of sweat marching down his chin. † (pg. 198) â€Å"I watch the piece-worker women march one another to the open market half a day’s walk from where they live. I thank the stars that at least I have the days to myself. † (pg. 198) â€Å"Darling, the angels have themselves a lifetime to come to us. † (pg. 198) 1) If, according to the character, there are two types of women: day and night, why is the story called Night Women? )What is the significance of the mosquitos and firefly? What do they represent? Why does they go to her son and not her? 3) Why doesn’t the character talk to her son about love? Why does she feel that it is something he must learn on his own? 4) What is the significance of the ghost women? 5) When the doctor arrives with bougainvillea, why does she say its always a surprise? Does she mean it? 6) What is going through her mind when she see’s the doctors wife in beads of sweat? ) When she see’s the piece-working women in the morning, why is she thankful she has this time to herself? 8) The last sentence of â€Å"darling the angels have themselves a lifetime to come to us† leaves the reader moved. What do you think about this ending and what it means to this character and her son? 9) While she clearly doesn’t enjoy her line of work, what is her motivation to continue doing it? 10) Her fantasies and fabrications to her son: do you feel that they beneficial or detrimental in his development?

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Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell free essay sample

With their forthcoming album, the Christian Metal-core band Demon Hunter has returned with a breathtaking blow of force. Just the title itself gives insight on what the album is all about. Singer, Ryan Clark, his brother and guitarist, Don Clark have once again joined their like minds to create spiritual and at the same time, powerful hymns. With Jon Dunn on bass guitar, Ethan Luck on lead guitar and Tim â€Å"Yogi† Watts backing up on drums, Demon Hunter has returned to â€Å"Storm the Gates of Hell†. On the other hand, with songs like Storm the Gates of Hell and A Thread of Light they provide the same deeper meaning, while drilling in a sound that comes at you with full force. Yes, they do scream in some of these songs, but it works well and it doesnt draw your attention away from the instrumental parts of the songs. Its songs like these that I avidly enjoy because I appreciate harder rock, but sometimes its hard to find music in this genre that has a different, deeper, and original meaning. Overall â€Å"Storm the Gates of Hell† is great for all rock and metal fans alike. Its also a different way for Christians to worship, even though you dont have to be Christian to enjoy listening to this album. I can say this because its one of my favorite albums to listen to, and I myself am not a Christian. With catching melodies and a wonderfully smooth sounding lead, its an overall great CD. I would recommend it to anyone, Christians and Non-Christians alike.